شناسه کاربری و یا رمز عبور اشتباه است
Poroshot Is The Biggest Producer & importer of Petroleum Equipment In Iran.


The supplier of petroleum equipment in Iran. supplier of any petroleum products equipment


The importer of types of petroleum equipment`s components. And also the supplier of trading consultations services.


Designing and setting up the types of smart automation of petroleum equipment.


The supplier of any installation, setting up, repairing and maintenance of petroleum equipment.

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In 2007 Poroshot Team Founded As An Engineering Group, Which Started Their Activities By Focusing On Iran`s Oil Industry.

In consecutive years Poroshot group succeed to gives so many engineering services to develop the country`s industrial sectors by using the expert manpower, scientifically and experimentally supports, up to dates systems and international standards.

Also it can gains significant contribution in domestic markets.

Nowadays Poroshot is in the list of some numerable companies which produce electronic station systems country’s oil domain. This company start to constitute a distributed products group to extend their activities in field of CNG. In first level they start to design and produce the electronic system of CNG’s dispensers.



Due to the ENE’s many years’ background in Iran and the good extension of this product in big cities

we can say that because of the complete noncompliance in this dispenser with existent systems in Iran the company faces with discontent about this product

But Poroshot engineering group with their ten years reputation and complete dominance in mechanic and electronic dispensers’ systems could provide a complete collection to eliminate all of this defects.


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